The Complete Picture


The tree before him stood blazing in the autumn sun, with its greenish yellow leaves basking merrily in the sunlight. The sun seemed to have lit up each leaf into a dazzling splendour of gold. The dash of green bestowed by the shrubs nearby made the colour of the autumn leaves more profound. Happily, he got lost in the vision of the golden canopy that lay in front of him.

She came up behind him to see him gazing ahead. But the sight that caught her eye was the ruins of a church that stood some way before them. Despite its depleted walls, the church still had an imposing air to it. A brass steeple rose grandly atop the church. Even from the distance, she could make out the intricate carvings on it. The green foliage growing along the walls of the church, seemed to emphasize its advancing years. The ruin along with its quaint steeple suddenly seemed to take her back in time to an old and forgotten era of sleepy villages and lost castles. She smiled and shook herself out of her reverie and ran lightly towards him.

She put her hands around him from behind and pulled him closer towards her. He smiled down at her. He seemed to have stirred from a stupor himself. ‘Where were you lost?’ she asked him playfully. His smile widening, he turned back ahead and said, ‘You tell me!’ She looked in front of her, thoughtfully. She knew that neither the church building nor its steeple would interest him. She let her eyes wander a bit. They came to rest on a huge tree nearby. It was as tall as the church. She smiled. ‘That glowing tree grabbed your attention. And no doubt, the greenery running underneath it as well.’ He threw his head back and laughed. ‘And in your mind, you are probably poking around in that church already?!’ he asked her, gesturing with his head towards it. It was now her turn, to laugh.

He pulled her beside him. Wrapping his arm around her shoulders, they now looked at the picture ahead, together. With sunlight falling on both, they were amazed to see the church and the tree radiating the same golden colour. Viewed together, their beauty looked grander now. Embracing the other’s interest had made their own treasure appear more beautiful. The picture was now complete.


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