The Spell

I peeped out from the bus window at the peltering rain – the brown water on the ground was rushing in from all directions because of the moving cars, blending with other little waves and subsiding gently again. It was almost as if the tiles on the road were conspiring to form intricate patterns of water that flowed through their many nooks and crannies. The raindrops lit up like diamonds as they fell into the water. Mesmerised, I watched the water playing merrily on the ground, helped along its way by its many friends around it.

Isn’t water incredible, the way it takes the shape of whatever lies in its path, the bizarre patterns it makes? Sometimes, I can’t take my eyes off the millions of tiny rain drops that stick like shinning dots on a window. How is it that they stay like that without falling, creating such a glowing aura? Or the astonishing way water flows out from a pipe in soft curves and curls. Even the small ripples that rain makes while falling in water – ah! It’s a delight to me.

Let us all pause to marvel at the magic of water – it’s beauty lies in its simplicity –  and enjoy falling under its spell.


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