Garden of Eden

With music blaring loudly from my earphones, I set out for my daily morning jog in the park. I had an early meeting at work today and so with one eye on my watch, I jogged at a healthy pace until a miscalculated landing of my foot cut-short my day’s play and I hobbled to a bench to rest my protesting ankle.

It was while I was resting my foot, hoping to massage it back into circulation, that I happened to glance around me. The park looked huge – it seemed to stretch further than my gaze could reach. For the first time I noticed that both light and dark green trees were dotted across it. It had all seemed like one colour to me before. It suddenly dawned on me that I’d never given the park more than a glance earlier. I’d not even had the time to explore it fully other than to just use a small part of it for my workout. With new eyes, I now looked at the same park where I seemed to have been jogging blindly all these years! Lush grass carpeted every speck of it and along with so many trees sprinkled about, the green heaven that lay ahead brought such calmness over me that slowly I sensed myself getting lost in its tranquillity. I became aware of things that earlier I’d not given much thought to. I sat there quietly, listening to the birds chirping softly in the trees nearby – their quiet humming in the background being broken sometimes by a stray call from a bird flying overhead. Soft traffic sounds rang out in the distance. In these peaceful surroundings, even that seemed soothing to my ears. With relish I enjoyed the hint of sunlight falling lightly on my back, its warm fingers giving just the right caress on that cool wintry morning. I knew it wouldn’t last long though – the pale sun was gently losing the battle with its cold counterpart. That soft whiteness that winter usually brings along with it, had already spread lightly all over the park. A mild breeze blew past where I sat. I watched as the leaves on a tree nearby fell lazily on the ground. It was almost as if they were lulled by nature’s other elements and were now ready to sleep like a baby.

So entranced I was by the park and its carefree inhabitants that I asked myself when had I last paused to savour the sound of birds tweeting to each other? When was the last time I was so swept away in the serenity of a place that I’d forgotten my daily hustle-bustle only to absorb the peaceful sights and sounds of it? Such simple and yet enchanting gifts of nature, which we don’t seem to give much time to.

I now looked at this Garden of Eden that lay before me, wanting my eyes to gulp as much of the view as they could. Who knew when I would next take a tumble and get the chance of gazing at nature’s ubiquitous but often-ignored beauty!


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